Our purpose is to promote the preservation and restoration of all Mopar related autos

Membership shall consist of those interested in the preservation and restoration of MOPAR automobiles. Ownership of such automobiles is not a requirement for membership. Individual or family membership is available.

Members will be asked to attend at least 6 meeting or functions within the Club year to stay on active membership List.


Dues are $ 25.00  a year - for a single or family Club membership - Renewable in October.

Family Membership:
A family membership includes; All current family members, age 18 and older. They are entitled to all club privileges, including the right to, two votes and hold office.
No proxies shall be allowed.


Dues will be $ 25.00 per Club year for Family Membership. One Club T Shirt  per family for new members.
Children under age 18 are welcome at all club meeting, functions, etc.

CLUB DUES: Our annual dues deadline is October 31st. This year’s dues are $25.00. A Club Tee shirt  (one per family) will be given to all new members.  

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Disclaimer : All MOPAR logos found on the WWW are registered trademarks of CHRYSLER CORPORATION. MUSpokane Logo is registered and all rights reserved.  Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Do not use near open fire or flame. Caution -  Shock Hazard - Do Not Open - No user serviceable parts inside. May cause rash or irritation. Keep out of reach of children. In case of overdose, get medical help right away. Do not mix with other household chemicals, as toxic fumes may result. Danger - electrocution possible if used or dropped in tub. Do not spit into the wind. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Hey, That thing Got a HEMI in it? Sweeet!  - Taken from our original website, written by Bud Merritt

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