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Disclaimer : All MOPAR logos found on the WWW are registered trademarks of CHRYSLER CORPORATION. MUSpokane Logo is registered and all rights reserved.  Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Do not use near open fire or flame. Caution -  Shock Hazard - Do Not Open - No user serviceable parts inside. May cause rash or irritation. Keep out of reach of children. In case of overdose, get medical help right away. Do not mix with other household chemicals, as toxic fumes may result. Danger - electrocution possible if used or dropped in tub. Do not spit into the wind. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Hey, That thing Got a HEMI in it? Sweeet!  - Taken from our original website, written by Bud Merritt

Our Goal is to promote the restoration and preservation of vehicles produced by the Chrysler Corporation.


In years past, we as a club have participated in many Auto Speed Shows, club car shows, numerous road trips to other shows as far as Columbus, Ohio to the Mopar Nationals, club car washes, club work parties, pot luck dinners and holiday parties.


We have Lilac City Mopars club T-shirts and other items.  We publish our own newsletter, with classifieds and are launching a new web site.


Lilac City Mopars:

  • Promote Preservation and Restoration of all Mopar related Autos.

  • Promote public safety of the roads and highways.

  • Insists on safe driving habits and safe autos (mechanical and body).

  • Serves as a source of accurate historical and technical information concerning these automobiles.

  • Will not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

  • Welcomes any and all comments, suggestions and complaints with equal and fair treatment.

  • Is a family oriented club and ask that all our members abstain from alcohol during official meetings and/or official club functions.

  • Expect parents to see that their children, respect other people and all vehicles at any event that the club would participate in.


Lilac City Mopars Unlimited gives back.  LCMU currently donates to the Spokane Guild School and Second Harvest Food Bank.  LCMU members assist other community services when requested.

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